Nixon David Memorial Scholarship

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Nixon David (May 2021) learning to play his drones.

About Nixon David:

Nixon David was a youth band member who died tragically in a motor vehicle accident in June 2021.  Nixon was age 10, an up and coming piper in the band, and a meticulous student.  The week before his passing, he was extremely excited about what would have been his debut performance with the band; the Lander July 4th Parade.  

Although Nixon could not be physically present at the 2021 July 4th parade, his presence was palpable.  Nixon loved bagpipe music and Scottish history, in addition to lizards, his family, and friends. Nixon was the "real thing" and he is sorely missed.

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Nixon David.

About the Nixon David Memorial Scholarship:

After Nixon's passing, his family suggested people donate to the pipe band in Nixon's memory; to help forward youth education in piping and drumming.  The donations have been coming in and the Lander Pipe Band would like to honor Nixon's memory and the David family's request by starting the Nixon David Memorial Scholarship. 

The Nixon David Memorial Scholarship (NDMS) is a series of youth scholarships for piping and drumming students in the band.  In 2021, five scholarships were awarded to drumming students in the band.   The scholarships provide a year of weekly to biweekly instruction via online lessons with top drumming instructors in North America.  The current round of scholarships will expire on August 30, 2022.  

It is anticipated that a new round of scholarships will be awarded for the 2023/2024 season.  We appreciate the donations that made the NDMS program possible.  Thank you!

Meet the 2024 NDMS Drumming Scholars Below!

Philomena - Snare Drummer

Ryan - Tenor Drummer

Elli - Snare Drummer

Isaac- Snare Drummer

Lucas- Bass Drummer

Three of the five 2024 NDMS drumming scholarship recipients take weekly or biweekly lessons with world class drumming instructors: Christina Hanks and Blair Brown.  Elli and Isaac take lessons in-house from the band's Drum Sergeant, Henry Bautz, and from Philomena Olsson. The band is grateful for the support provided by the NDMS Scholarhip fund.  "Growing our own band". 

Meet the 2024 NDMS Piping Scholars Below!

Cormac -  Piper

MaggiePiper (0ut of town player)

Juliet - Piper

Betha - Piper

Ethan - Piper

Avery - Piper

Seven of the eight 2024 NDMS piping scholarship recipients take weekly lessons with the band's Pipe Major, Melissa Bautz.  Intermediate piper, Cormac, takes online lessons from world class professional piping instructor, Zephan Knichel. Many of the NDMS Scholars' practice chanters and bagpipes are "loaner" instruments provided by the NDMS Scholarship fund.  "Growing our own band".

Our 2 Beginner Chanter Students are: Piper and Devlin

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