Salt Lake City 2022 Competition

In 2022, the band returned to the Salt Lake City Highland Games to compete in the Grade 5 contests.

The band earned one 4th place and one 5th place out of 9 bands at this contest.

The band competes in the following events/contests:

  • Quick March Medley - QMM

  • March/Slow March /March - MSM

Massed Bands Closing Ceremony (101 degrees F): Salt Lake City Highland Games 2022

Salt Lake City Highland Games 2022

Youth Band Members collaborating before the Sunday contest at Salt Lake 2022.

5 of our band's drummers performed with other drummers at the Friday Night Tatoo in a fanfare. Clickable Link to YouTube Video of the WUSBPA Fanfare at Salt Lake City Games 2022 (Friday June 10).

Click photo to see video of QMM at Salt Lake 2022.

Click photo to see video of MSM at Salt Lake 2022.

Seven (7) of the 13 band members that attended the Salt Lake Games competed in solos! Soloists were:

  • Zayden Davey - Novice Tenor, 6th Place

  • Andy Bautz - Novice Bass, 3rd Place

  • Cormac Susanka - Gr 4 Piping, 6th Place

  • Matt Mitchell - Gr 4 Piping

  • Eric Willcox - Gr 4 Piping, 2nd Place (Piobaireachd), 3rd place (2/4 March)

  • Henry Bautz - Gr 3 Snare, 1st Place (6/8 March), 2nd Place (2/4 March), 2nd Place (Strathspey/Reel)

  • Melissa Bautz - Gr 1 Piping, 2nd Place (Piobaireachd), 3rd Place (MSR), 3rd Place (6/8 March), 5th Place (Hornpipe/Jig)

See Photos below of some of our youth band members who competed in solos:

Cormac getting post-competition advice from Bob Worrall.

Tenor drummer, Zayden (middle), competing in person for the first time!

Bass drummer, Andrew, competed for the second time in-person at the SLC 2022 Games.

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