Meet the Band Members

Pipe Major - Melissa Bautz

Pipe Sergeant - Bobby Johnston

Matt Mitchell- Piper

Eric Willcox - Piper

Alex Johnston - Tenor Drum

Henry Bautz - Snare Drummer

Cole Johnston- Bass Drummer & Piper

Shaylynn Chand - Snare Drummer

Cormac S. - Piper

Zayden D. - Tenor Drummer

A. C. - Tenor Drummer

Philomena O. - Snare Drummer

Joseph M. - Piper

Andy Bautz - Bass Drummer in training

Paul Marquard - Piper

Lauren Baures - Piper

Hank Stueckler - Past Member (Piper)

Brian Semich - Past Member (Piper)

Audrey Mitchell -Past Member (Piper)

Nixon David- Piper (R.I.P.)

Hannes Stueckler - Past Member (Bass Drum)

Terri Watson - Past Member (Piper)

Bill Clark - Past Member (Piper)

Tom Wilson - Past member (snare)

Mac Nelson - Past Member (Piper and Bass Drummer)

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