The LVFD Pipe Band is the only competition pipe band in the state of Wyoming. The band is registered as a Grade 5 competition band with the Western United States Pipe Band Association (WUSPBA). To date, the band has competed at 3 contests.

At the "line" waiting to start our band contest. Las Vegas 2018. (Note judge in the left foreground.)

Why compete?

The band competes to improve. Competition requires a demanding practice regimen. It instills the spirit of discipline, hard work, and reward to meet a competence standard higher than an individual generally imposes on oneself. Band members of all ages improve in their skills and confidence by competing.

In 2018, the band competed at the Las Vegas Highland Games.

The band earned a 2nd place and a 1st place at this contest. Link to video of band being announced as 1st place winner of pipe band contest in Las Vegas 2018.

In the circle, competing, at the Las Vegas Highland Games 2018

Marching out of the competition circle at the Las Vegas Highland Games 2018

In 2019, the band competed at the Utah Scottish Festival in Salt Lake City.

The band earned a 6th place and a 3rd place that weekend. Why did we get different results from Vegas?

Short answer: Growth

The band grew in numbers between 2018 and 2019 and we added 6 new band members. All six of those new band members were beginners. They learned many new skills at the contest and have since grown into formidable and competent players at their instruments: Pipes, Snare, Tenor, and Bass.

This contest was a huge "win" in growth and skills development. Keep in mind that two of our band members were age 8 at the time of the contest!

Happy faces of the competition band at the 2019 Utah Scottish Festival in SLC.

In 2019, six band members competed in the Kamloops Highland Games Grade 5 Pipe Band Contest - Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

In 2019 a subset of the band (5 pipers and 2 drummers) attended the Piping Hot Summer Drummer (PHSD) school at Silver Star, BC in Canada. PHSD is a world-renowned piping/drumming music school.

During the 1-week course at PHSD, pipers/drummers have the option to participate in the PHSD Grade 5 band practice (after a full day of lessons). The PHSD Grade band is composed solely of students from the school. They practiced together for 5 days and then competed as a full band at the Kamloops Highland Games. Six LVFD Pipe Band members along with six other PHSD students formed the (temporary) PHSD Grade 5 competition band.

The band was judged for critique in this contest and received excellent comments from the judges.

These six LVFD Pipe Band members competed in the PHSD Grade 5 pipe band at the Kamloops Highland Games in British Columbia,Canada.

Back Row: Hank Stueckler, Cole Johnston, Bobby Johnston, Melissa Bautz

Front Row: Henry Bautz, Alex Johnston.

The LVFD Pipe band is grateful for contributions from our Sponsors. Their contributions helped to offset the costs for several band members' participation at the PHSD School in 2019.